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When we're young, it seems easy to stay in shape and feel healthy with very little maintenance due to having a higher metabolic rate. Once we hit approximately 30 years old, many of us begin to see the direct consequences of eating poorly, drinking, and partying on a regular basis. Important research has been conducted on the aging process, which has determined that having an efficient oxygen transport system and a large lean muscle mass are the best indicators of maintaining our youth. These two metrics give us a highly accurate measurement of our biological age, which is the age at which we're currently functioning, compared to our chronological age. At Ridge Fitness, LLC, we can help you improve these metrics through our personalized exercise programs.

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If you're between 30 and 60 years old, you can still turn back your biological clock by a staggering amount, while individuals between 60 and 90 years of age are still able to make large gains too. With recent breakthroughs in nutrition and fitness studies, new technology, and sports medicine, you can easily take your health and wellness into your own hands. We even offer low-impact active aging exercise programs that will help with strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility. Ridge Fitness, LLC has the personal training knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals, so contact us today to request more information on pricing, availability, and program details.

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